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This page is a place for me to keep notes and log resources for my own reference. Hopefully you will find some of these resources helpful as well!

Bing & Google Bard (and ChatGPT)

Quick access to ChatGPT

Alternative AI Search Engines

Bing Chat and Google Bard are not the only games in town… (just starting this list, come back again to see a much richer list)

AI Plugins for WordPress

Articles I Find Particularly Interesting About AI Search

  • The big concern for publishers is when AI becomes the journalist—Barry Schwarz,
    Barry Schwarz offers that in order to compete for readers with AI search engines, authors should add “entertainment” value to differentiate the content. Barry puts this in the framework of adding an extra “E” to Google’s E-E-A-T (becoming Entertainment. Experience. Expertise. Authority. Trust.). I would add/modify that the additional “E” could be thought of as Emotion. Tom Shapiro at Stratabeat uses the principles of neuroscience to say that successful content that both performs well in search engines and drives conversions has an emotional component.
  • Your SEO guide to the ChatGPT API—Tom Demers,
    If you love automating tasks at scale and leveraging spreadsheets + AI, you will be incredibly grateful to Tom Demers for creating this very, very helpful tutorial on creating everything from meta tags to converting text to clean HTML! The visuals are some of the most useful you will see in an article like this.

AI Beyond Search!